23 to 24 November 2018, Bangalore, India 

About the IEEE Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets Conference

Conference Scope

The Seventh IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing in Emerging Markets (CCEM) continues the highly successful CCEM conference series which was originally launched in 2012.

Cloud computing has emerged as a dominant and transformational paradigm in information technology over the last few years and is beginning to effect a multitude of industries such as government, finance, telecommunications, education, retail, energy and utilities, and transportation. Research in this field has become very active and spans a number of areas including virtualization, networking, storage, security, management of cloud services, efficient cloud architectures, massive multi-tenancy, and design of cloud applications and services. Cloud computing continues to be the way of the future and many studies indicate that more than 50% of all information technology will be in this new paradigm within the next five to ten years. This transformation has great implications for emerging markets which have the potential to leap frog mature markets in their adoption of cloud computing, combine cloud computing and mobile technologies to introduce unique services that can transform the lives of billions, drive a much larger scale of adoption and challenge existing price points, while presenting unique challenges in areas such as security and user interfaces to cloud computing.

The goal

This research driven innovation conference has established itself as a unique conference that combines top notch peer-reviewed research papers (acceptance rate less than 10%), invited talks from renowned industry and government leaders, posters and demos showcasing latest innovations, a startup showcase highlighting the vibrant and fast growing business ecosystem around cloud, tutorials on cutting edge topics, and a doctoral symposium featuring some of the deep research topics being pursued by academic leaders.

Conference Format

The conference will be a three day event that spans invited talks, tutorials, peer reviewed paper presentations, a panel, and a technology showcase.

Topics of Interest

We invite both paper and demo submissions on relevant topics, including but not limited to:

  • Design of Cloud Computing services, especially for emerging markets – infrastructure, platform, database, software, network, storage, and business process
  • Utilizing/enhancing the Cloud for Open Source Big Data Analytics(Hadoop, Spark etc), Deep Learning(Tensorflow, Theano, Torch etc) and Internet of Things.
  • Advances in virtualization of hardware and software services
  • Security, privacy, and compliance management
  • Networking issues
  • Programming models
  • Monitoring, management, and maintenance in Cloud Computing environments
  • Performance optimization, service level agreements
  • Innovative applications and experiences in Cloud Computing for Emerging Markets
  • Social and mobile